SocialTruth Project – Deliverables

January 2019 – D6.1
Communication and Dissemination Plan v1.0
September 2019 – D3.2
SocialTruth Semantic Analyzer
April 2019 – D2.1
Requirements and Use Cases
March 2020 – D2.3
Refined Distributed System Architecture
May 2019 – D2.2
Distributed System Architecture Data Modelling
and Interfaces
July 2020 – D3.1
Social Mining Descriptors
September 2019 – D3.3
SocialTruth Deep Learning
Multimedia Verification

Press clippings of the diffusion of press release n. 1

You will find here: browsable format / PDF format (note that note that both in the browsable version and in pdf, you can click on the image to see the page).

Press  Releases n. 1 – March 20, 2020

SocialTruth account on ResearchGate

You will find other documentation in our ResearchGate page

Study by the Italian Observatory on online misinformation

An interesting document  from the Italian telecommunications authority, concerning
a study by the observatory on online misinformation.

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Project brochure

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Project poster


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