Transformer Based Models in Fake News Detection

Yet an other new SocialTruth paper presented at ICCS from Sebastian Kula, Rafal Kozik, Michal Choras, Michal Wozniak: Transformer Based Models in Fake News Detection

Here the book:


The article presents models for detecting fake news and the results of the analyzes of the application of these models. The precision, f1-score, recall metrics were proposed as a measure of the model quality assessment. Neural network architectures, based on the state-of-the-art solutions of the Transformer type were applied to create the models. The computing capabilities of the Google Colaboratory remote platform, as well as the Flair library, made it feasible to obtain reliable, robust models for fake news detection. The problem of disinformation and fake news is an important issue for modern societies, which commonly use state-of-the-art telecommunications technologies. Artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques are considered to be effective tools in protection against these undesirable phenomena.