SocialTruth is collaborating with the Internet Commission to support advancing digital responsibility

SocialTruth is investigating ways to exploit tools that will support digital responsibility and accountability in content creation organizations.
Preliminary investigations for future collaboration development have been initiated with the Internet Commission, an independent organization that is developing a Transparency Reporting Framework that seeks to increase citizen trust through increased accountability in content management.

During a recent meeting that was held between executives of the Internet Commission and the management of the SocialTruth project, the foundations for a fruitful collaboration in the development of a common strategy have been identified and the set-up of a common framework, that will serve as a common action plan, has been agreed. This activity is ongoing and further common actions will be launched in due time.

The Internet Commission is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2018 to give digitalisation a new direction. Internet Commission is collaborating with business, policymakers and civil society to develop an independent evaluation approach that can contribute to a positive cycle of smart regulation and corporate digital responsibility.