SocialTruth at “ARES Conference 2019”

One of the partners of the project, namely the UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Poland, has participated the “Ares Conference 2019“.
This was to share with the scientific community the vision, approach, motivation, ambition and the initial results of the SocialTruth project with regards to online misinformation (fake news) detection and mitigation.
The experts in various machine learning and cybersecurity fields listened to the numerous efforts, angles and use cases the consortium has undertaken and is in the process of dealing with. This spurred a conversation on how demanding a task fake news detection seems to be, and, by the same token, how pressing of an issue it has become lately.

Ares, the portmanteau for ‘International Conference for Availability, REliability and Security’, was held from August 26 to August 29, 2019 at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK and it brings together researchers and practitioners in the field of dependability and emphasizes numerous aspects of security.

In Ares, there were 8 presentations of scientific papers, all centred around information hiding. One, leaded from UTP – which is also part of our consortium –  was Simargl.

The presented paper was entitled ‘SocialTruth Project Approach to Online Disinformation (Fake News) Detection and Mitigation’, authored by Michał Choraś, Marek Pawlicki, and Rafał Kozik from the UTP University of Science and Technology, Bydgoszcz, Poland, Konstantinos Demestichas, and Pavlos Kosmides from ICCS, National Technical University of Athens and Manik Gupta from London South Bank University.

The paper presented is published in ACM Digital Library.